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Human Interface Guidelines

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HIG is Autodesk's unified design system, so we can build better products faster.

Getting started

Add a component to your app:

yarn add @hig/button

Import and render the component:

import Button from '@hig/button';
import '@hig/button/build/index.css';

function MyComponent() {
  return <Button title="Hello, world!" />


  • Typography - typography and rich text
  • Layout - spacer and grid
  • Icons


Each HIG pattern is implemented as a set of React components. Each pattern is published to NPM individually under the @hig namespace, to allow you to import only what you'll use.

  • <Avatar> - A visual representation of a customer's identity
  • <Banner> - An alert that requires a user action
  • <Button> - Trigger actions or changes
  • <Checkbox> - A control to select from non-exclusive options
  • <Dropdown> - A menu to select one or many from a list
  • <Flyout> - A lightweight popup container
  • <Icon> - Represents a concept in graphical form
  • <IconButton> - Action buttons that include an icon only
  • <Modal> - An overlay that focuses the customer's attention
  • <ProfileFlyout> - A flyout containing customer's name, email, and account info
  • <ProgressBar> - An indication of content loading, presented horizontally
  • <ProgressRing> - An indication of content loading, presented circularly
  • <ProjectAccountSwitcher> - Switches the context to different projects or accounts
  • <RadioButton> - A control to select one exclusively from a list
  • <RichText> - Applies the HIG typography styles to whatever is passed to it
  • <SideNav> - Provides high-level navigation
  • <SkeletonItem> - A placeholder for loading content
  • <Slider> - A control for selecting a single numeric value from a range
  • <Table> - Represents tabular data in columns and rows
  • <Tabs> - Keeps related content in a single container
  • <TextArea> - A control to provide a large amount of freeform text
  • <TextField> - A control to provide a small amount of freeform text
  • <TextLink> - Directs visitors to another location
  • <Timestamp> - Presents a date with humanized phrasing
  • <Tooltip> - Provides context in a small popup container
  • <TopNav> - Navigation across the top of the screen
  • <Typography> - A set of components in many typographical variations


Read our contribution guidelines here: