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Release For Revit 2021

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@WawanSolihin WawanSolihin released this 18 Feb 16:38
· 30 commits to Release-21.x.x since this release


  • This is a minor update to release and one improvement that adds basic support to export Area object as IfcSpatialZone
  • This update brings all versions (,, and to be mostly identical (except for features related to specific Revit version)


  • Fixed error during export for a specific object that became invalid in the export process with "Store the IFC GUID in an element after export" option
  • User defined property set can now be exported for IfcGeographiCElement
  • Fixed export failure when ZoneClassificationName is set to Room for exporting IfcZone
  • Corrected GrossVolume quantity information with the correct unit