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Fashion Blog

  • Licensed under GPLv2 or later. :) Use it to make something cool.

Getting Started

If you want to keep it simple, head over to https://underscores.me and generate your _s based theme from there. You just input the name of the theme you want to create, click the "Generate" button, and you get your ready-to-awesomize starter theme.

If you want to set things up manually, download _s from GitHub. The first thing you want to do is copy the _s directory and change the name to something else (like, say, megatherium-is-awesome), and then you'll need to do a five-step find and replace on the name in all the templates.

  1. Search for 'fashion-blog' (inside single quotations) to capture the text domain.
  2. Search for fashion_blog_ to capture all the function names.
  3. Search for Text Domain: fashion-blog in style.css.
  4. Search for  fashion-blog (with a space before it) to capture DocBlocks.
  5. Search for fashion-blog to capture prefixed handles.


  1. Search for: 'fashion-blog' and replace with: 'megatherium-is-awesome'
  2. Search for: fashion_blog_ and replace with: megatherium_is_awesome_
  3. Search for: Text Domain: fashion-blog and replace with: Text Domain: megatherium-is-awesome in style.css.
  4. Search for:  fashion-blog and replace with:  Megatherium_is_Awesome
  5. Search for: fashion-blog- and replace with: megatherium-is-awesome-

Then, update the stylesheet header in style.css, the links in footer.php with your own information and rename fashion-blog.pot from languages folder to use the theme's slug. Next, update or delete this readme.

Now you're ready to go! The next step is easy to say, but harder to do: make an awesome WordPress theme. :)

Good luck!