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The wise MongoDB API
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A tiny layer that provides simple yet substantial usability improvements for MongoDB usage within Node.JS.

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note: monk 2.x drop the support for node < 0.12. If you are still using an earlier version, stick to monk 1.x

const db = require('monk')('localhost/mydb')
// or
// const db = require('monk')('user:pass@localhost:port/mydb')

const users = db.get('users')

users.index('name last')
users.insert({ name: 'Tobi', bigdata: {} })
users.find({ name: 'Loki' }, '-bigdata').then(function () {
  // exclude bigdata field
users.find({}, {sort: {name: 1}}).then(function () {
  // sorted by name field
users.remove({ name: 'Loki' })



  • Well-designed API signatures
  • Easy connections / configuration
  • Command buffering. You can start querying right away
  • Promises built-in for all queries. Easy interoperability with modules
  • Auto-casting of _id in queries
  • Allows to set global options or collection-level options for queries. (eg: castIds is true by default for all queries)


Most of the Monk's features are implemented as middleware.

There are a bunch of third-parties middlewares that add even more functionalities to Monk:

Created an nice middleware? Send a PR to add to the list!

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