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What the CLI provides

The API-Manager CLI can either be used by the API-Service provider directly to control the API-Management platform without the need to use the Web-UI. It also helps to simplify the DevOps experience when using Axway API-Manager Version 7.x as it can be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline.
For entities, such as APIs, Applications it basically provides the ability to declare a "desired" state, which will be replicated into the API-Manager to become the actual state.

To achieve this the tool compares the desired- with the actual-state and performs all necessary actions, using the API-Manager REST-API, to replicate the desired state into the API-Manager. Also it supports basic administrative task, such as approving an API, deleting an application or display organizations.

To get an overview how this works you may watch this 9 minutes video:
API-Management CLI

Concepts and motivation

Seamless integration

The API Management CLI brings together what belongs together. Through the concept of desired vs. actual state and the fully automated replication of changes, it is possible to easily integrate corresponding definitions, such as OpenAPI specifications from different tools. So it may also be desired that the list of applications comes from a third party system.


Typically, customers run the Axway API management solution with different stages or environments (cloud, on-premise), etc. Since the corresponding entities (APIs, applications) are stored as code, they can be easily deployed on different stages. Learn more about the staging concept the API-Management CLI provides. Staging-Concept


Only if APIs are deployed efficiently and through a controlled workflow they can be updated regularly right from the very first version, which might be only the API-Design or a Mock. This workflow should be repeatable and include unit and integration tests. Therefore the API management solution should be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline.

Get started

To get started with the Axway API-Management CLI read more: How to get started

Supported entities

As of today you can manage the following entities with the CLI:

More information

You may read the Concepts section to learn more about different concepts/approaches the API-Manager CLI is using to understand how it works and make the best out of it.

If you have a question you cannot find an answer in the docs, check the FAQ.