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Toggle a file in Sublime as readonly
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Latest commit ca4b1a2 @AxxL 1.0.1

Toggle readonly state of buffer from context menu for Sublime Text 2 and 3 (beta)


Install this repository via Package Control Or put the files into a directory in your {sublime}\Data\Packages\ folder


You have a context-menu on:

  • the tab
  • the open files
  • and direct in the edit area.

If you toggle the readonly, the status bar says: "Buffer {buffername} is set readonly." and you cannot make any changes.

If you toggle again the status bar says: "Buffer {buffername} is writeable again." and the file should be editable again.

This tool doesn't change the file properties in the filesystem. It only changes the readonly attribute of the current view.



01.03.2013: Toggle Read Only as command: Update for Sublime 3:

Well, it takes some time.... Thanks for your patience. :)


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