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Decrypts RSDF, CFF and DLC files using a web service
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DLC Decrypter

Decrypts DLC, CCF and RSDF files using a web service

What it does

This application decrypts DLC files using a web service. That magic happens in ManualUpload.cs.

There is a new GenericDecrypter.cs that is used by now which supports all files types


Installing is optional, you can have it either automatically or manually installed:


  1. Place the exe, dll and bat files into a directory of your choice
  2. Right click the bat file and chose "Run as Administrator"


  1. Put the exe and dll file into a directory
  2. Right-click on a DLC file and select "Open With"
  3. Browse for the exe file
  4. Optionally select to always open files of this type with the exe


By installing

After you did the "Installing" chapter you can just double click on any dlc file and the application will present you with the decrypted links (if any).


You can just double click the exe file and then browse for the DLC manually if you want to.


You can provide a second command line argument. If you do so the application will save all decrypted links to the given file, overwriting any existing copy.

Always online

DLC files (by design) require a webservice to be decrypted. This means you can't use them offline. This is not a limitation of this application but an intended feature of DLC files.


This application checks with a hash if the given file has been decrypted already. If this is the first time this file will be submitted, you are required to enter a name. The name should describe the download. This feature was added because people that upload files use some sort of absolutely braindead "codex" that describes how to name files.

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