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Codespace template for running the Aztec Connect rollup.

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Aztec Connect Ejector


  • You'll need to have docker installed:
  • You'll need a private key funded with at least 0.2 ETH.
  • You'll need a machine with at least 64GB memory, 10GB storage space.


You can find a video walkthrough of using the ejector with a Github Codespace here.

To exit your funds from the, you will have to run a few commands on your device to get an instance of the rollup running so you can interact with it to withdraw funds. First, open the command-line interface on your device. Then, copy the following command directly into the CLI and press enter:

docker run -ti --rm --net=host -e PRIVATE_KEY=<key> aztecprotocol/ac-ejector

This launches a container exposing the rollup (we call it Falafel) on port 8081, and the website, on port 80. The private key associated with your account must have enough funds to pay the cost of a rollup. Once Falafel has bootstrapped, zk-money will be served on your device, at http://localhost You can now use as usual. You will need to wait for your account to sync in the browser.

Specifying gas limit and max fee:

The ejector defaults to a gas limit of 2,000,000 and a max price of 100,000,000,000 (100 gwei). This requires your account to have a minimum of 0.2 ETH available to eject, and that it's probably only economically viable to eject if the amount is greater than ~0.1 ETH. If needed you could override as follows (but might require a higher balance on your account).

docker run -ti --rm --net=host -e GAS_LIMIT=3000000 -e MAX_PROVIDER_GAS_PRICE=200000000000 -e PRIVATE_KEY=<funded-key-to-pay-rollup-fee> aztecprotocol/ac-ejector

Running in Github Codespaces

If you are running in a codespace, you may need to manually update the machine type for better performance. I recommending choosing the largest machine that you can, so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

You may also need to set the port visibility to public on port 8081 in the Codespace Ports tab.


Codespace template for running the Aztec Connect rollup.






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