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A simple, self-hosted web radio management suite.


  1. AzuraCast AzuraCast Public

    A self-hosted web radio management suite, including turnkey installer tools for the full radio software stack and a modern, easy-to-use web app to manage your stations.

    PHP 2.6k 532

  2. AzuraRelay AzuraRelay Public

    A "relay in a box" containing a lightweight web application and Icecast servers that can connect to and relay an AzuraCast parent instance.

    PHP 34 15

  3. awesome-azuracast awesome-azuracast Public

    A curated list of tools, scripts and supporting software to help improve your AzuraCast broadcasting experience.


  4. php-api-client php-api-client Public

    An API client library for the AzuraCast API

    PHP 25 15

  5. nowplaying nowplaying Public

    A lightweight PHP adapter for viewing the current now playing data in Icecast and SHOUTcast 1/2. A part of the AzuraCast software suite.

    PHP 26 9


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