Lightweight utility to analyze blob storage for potential cost savings opportunities afforded by tiering to archive
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Blob Tier Analysis Tool

This tool analyzes blobs in a storage account and recommends potential cost savings when objects are moved between the "Hot", "Cool" and "Archive" tiers.


This project framework provides the following features:

  • Lists blobs in a blob container / all containers in a storage account.
  • Matches blobs against user-defined criteria for analysis.
  • Recommends potential savings in monthly storage costs when objects are moved between the "Hot", "Cool" and "Archive" tiers.
  • Changes access tier of analyzed blobs.

Getting Started

  • Either follow the installation instructions below or find out more about the command line version by running "BlobTierAnalysisTool.exe /?"


  • .Net Framework 4.6
  • Azure Storage Client Library version 8.4+.


  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2017
  • Install Nuget Packages
  • Build solution
  • Run project