Utilities and scripts developed as part of Microsoft's Team Data Science Process for productive data science
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Data Science Utilities from Microsoft

Interactive Data Exploration, Analysis, and Reporting | Automated Modeling and Reporting | TDSP

This repository contains a set of Data Science Utilities developed for use in the context of the Team Data Science Process (TDSP).

Release Notes

This is an early preview release of the Data Science Utilities for TDSP. We are continuously improving our data science utilities based on our further accumulated experience and customer requests. Stay tuned for future releases.

Currently, the Data Science Utilities released in this repository include:

You can easily run these utilities on sample data in the Data/Common directory. If you are using Azure Data Science Virtual Machine, all three utilities are instantly ready to run.

Ask Questions.

We would love to hear back from you. Should you have any questions or suggestions, or you want to report a bug, please create issues at TDSP/Issues

Help to Enrich the Set of Utilities

We believe that with the help of the data science community, the set of data science utilities can be significantly enriched and can become more powerful, and can benefit more enterprises and more data scientists. We warmly welcome you to contribute to the data science utilities for TDSP.

What Is TDSP

To know more details about TDSP, check out the TDSP documents here.

Additional notes

In documentations, Screenshots of RStudio are from the Open Source Edition.