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This is a wrapper for Docker Credential helpers created by Azure Container Registry (ACR) team. This tool allows Azure Active Directory (AAD) based login
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ACR Docker Credential Helper

The ACR Docker Credential Helper allows users to sign-in to the Azure Container Registry service using their Azure Active Directory (AAD) credentials. This credential helper is in charge of ensuring that the stored credentials are valid, and when required it also renews the credentials for a repository.

For now, this credential helper works in tandem with the Azure CLI, which is required in order to initiate the credential flow. Once you've successfully logged in to your container registry with the Azure CLI, the credential helper administers the life cycle of your locally stored credential.



For Windows, run the powershell installation script in administrator mode:

iex ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri

For Linux and macOS, run the bash installation script:

curl -L | /bin/bash


After installing the ACR Docker Credential Helper, login to an Azure Container Registry using the Azure CLI:

az acr login -n <registry name>

After that, you will be able to use docker normally. This credential helper will help maintaining your credentials.

Developer Guide:

To manually build and launch this credential helper:

  • Invoke to build and launch a docker container and perform a cross-platform build.
  • Find the appropriate docker-credential-acr-<osname>-<arch> archive in the artifacts directory. Extract the appropriate archive for your os and place the docker-credential-acr-<osname> executable file to any directory under your PATH.
  • Add the following entry to your docker config.json
        "credsStore": "acr-<osname>"


Getting 401 (authentication required)

If you have not called az acr login -n <registry> to log in to your registry for an extended period of time and you get a 401 error, please log in again. If you find yourself having to log in every hour or so, make sure your computer clock is set to the correct time.

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