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…dresses to Unhealthy when Connection Reset Event Occurs (#3768)

* Code changes to mark the transport uri to unhealthy for which a connection reset event occures through the connection state listener.

* Code changes to bump up the direct version.

* Code changes to clean up Gateway Address Cache.

* Code changes to fix pipeline build.

* Code changes to fix serilization test failures.

* Code changes to add force refresh to the gateway function callback delegate.

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Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK Version 3

This client library enables client applications to connect to Azure Cosmos via the SQL API. Azure Cosmos is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. For more information, refer to

CosmosClient client = new CosmosClient("", "mysupersecretkey");
Database database = await client.CreateDatabaseIfNotExistsAsync("MyDatabaseName");
Container container = await database.CreateContainerIfNotExistsAsync(

// Create an item
dynamic testItem = new { id = "MyTestItemId", partitionKeyPath = "MyTestPkValue", details = "it's working", status = "done" };
ItemResponse<dynamic> createResponse = await container.CreateItemAsync(testItem);

// Query for an item
using (FeedIterator<dynamic> feedIterator = container.GetItemQueryIterator<dynamic>(
    "select * from T where T.status = 'done'"))
    while (feedIterator.HasMoreResults)
        FeedResponse<dynamic> response = await feedIterator.ReadNextAsync();
        foreach (var item in response)

Install via

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos

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