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Windows Azure Mobile Services Recipes

Recipes are commonly used, vertical tasks in mobile apps presented as solutions to simplify mobile app development.

This repository contains Mobile Services recipe core module 'azuremobile-recipe', and some common recipes developed by Mobile Services.

All recipes listed in this repository are published at and can be installed through npm.

Getting started


Make sure node.js, npm, and azure-cli are installed. Install node.js along with npm at Install azure-cli by running in command line:

npm install -g azure-cli

Note: Azure CLI needs to be installed through npm. Users with Azure CLI installed through the Windows .msi installer will need to uninstall .msi and reintall Azure CLI through npm.

Installing Recipe Core Module

All recipes require the recipe core module.

npm install -g azuremobile-recipe

Executing any Azure Mobile Services recipes

To install a recipe:

npm install -g azuremobile-<recipename>

To execute an installed recipe with user account downloaded and imported and an existing mobile service created, cd to project directory and run in command line:

azure mobile recipe execute <servicename> <recipename>

Listing globally installed recipes on user machine

azure mobile recipe list

Acquiring template files to get started with Azure Mobile Services recipe development

azure mobile recipe create <newRecipename>