Get-AzureResourceGroupGalleryTemplate is missing in latest cmdlets #1885

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I am following a MIcrosoft MVA online training course, and it illustates the use of Get-AzureResourceGroupGalleryTemplate. That cmdlet appears to have been withdrawn, presumably as part of the great re-naming.

Yes, I know you can get this list, easily enough, using REST - but why do i have to go so low level? PowerShell is designed to enable IT Pros to avoid programmer level stuff, and act at a high level of abstraction. And yes, I've written a very simple function to provide this feature. But I shoid not have to!

Can we please get this cmdlet back?

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FWIW, I've written a function to do this: See:

I can provide the source code - or feel free to leverage it from the blog!


Hi - Thanks for reaching out. Point taken about Invoke-WeRequest being too low level for IT Pros. We are working on an enhanced set of cmdlets - We are not yet ready to share more details about this..


Giles - this is an open source project, right? If so, shouldn't the ideas be more freely shared.

If nothing else, the team needs to expose their plans early to avoid more changes later.


Hi - As you described above, the cmdlet is really a thin wrapper around an REST endpoint. The cmdlets are open source but the REST endpoint is not. The REST API is something I cannot discuss at this time and sadly, this limits my ability to make forward statements about the cmdlets calling this REST API - sorry.

Conversations about the current REST API as well as the current powershell script which (poorly) fills the gap until we have a better solution are more than welcome.

What do you exactly look forward to see in AzureResourceGalleryTemplate ? Drop in replacement? Aditional capabilities ?


Giles - thanks for clarifying. Would the Azure PowerShell Advisors Yammer group be a better place to have the discussion over the REST interface??

In term of templates, I'd expect to be able to find/locate/discover a template using a Get-...Template... cmdlet. , and a cmdlet to deploy the template. (The verb deploy however is not on the approved verb list). I'd also like to be able to get and manage/manipulate the JSON that represents the template's parameters, although I've not given much thought to how that should be done.

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