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This is the repo for template deployment schemas hosted under Please see below for information on contributing and publishing updated schemas.

Updating Schemas

There are two processes for updating schemas:

  1. Daily autogeneration: Schemas are automatically generated from definitions in the azure-rest-api-specs repo. This requires onboarding on a per-provider basis.
  2. Manually: Schemas are manually authored and committed via PR.

Has my team been onboarded for daily autogeneration?

Please see generator/autogenlist.ts for the list of teams which have been onboarded. basePath refers to the path in the azure-rest-api-specs repo, and namespace is the Resource Provider namespace.

If your team has been onboarded, we do not require any manual contributions to this repo and your schemas will automatically be kept up to date by the pipeline.

Authoring Schemas and submitting a PR

Please ensure you have read Updating Schemas before continuing with this step, and only continue if this applies to your team.


You can use the generator in this repo to automatically generate a schema from a swagger spec checked into the azure-rest-api-specs repo.

Generating locally

  1. Fork this repo, and clone it locally.
  2. Run the following commands (replace the base path accordingly - valid paths can be disovered with npm run list-basepaths):
cd generator
npm install
npm run generate-single myprovider/resource-manager
  1. Review the generator logs to ensure no errors, and review the changes generated.
  2. Ensure that you have reviewed the guidelines under Submitting a PR.
  3. Generate a commit and push it to your fork.
  4. Submit a pull request to this repo. Please include the full command output in a PR comment.

Alternatively, you can hand-author your schema, but please note that this process is error-prone, and ARM will not be responsible for reviewing for accuracy when validating your PR.

Submitting a PR

Runing Unit Tests

Use the following commands to execute the test suite locally:

cd tools
npm install
npm test

Manual testing with a local schema server

This repo contains a command to run a schema web server which will host files directly from your local repo. This can be useful if you want to validate schemas against a particular tool - for example if you want to verify VSCode autocompletion and syntax highlighting. By default this will listen on port 3000, but this can be modified by editing tools/server.ts. To start an instance you can use the following commands:

cd tools
npm install
npm run serve

Once this is running, you can create a basic template with the following structure (replacing the sections between < and > as appropriate for your scenario):

  "$schema": "http://<hostname>:<port>/schemas/2019-04-01/deploymentTemplate.json",
  "resources": [
      "type": "<providerNamespace>/<resourceType>",
      "apiVersion": "<apiVersion>",
      "properties": {

NOTE Many client tools will cache responses from schema servers, so you may need to clear this cache if you are testing modifications, or alternatively, change the port between retries.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


Schemas used to author and validate Resource Manager Templates




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