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Blob unit test failures in the dev-bookmark branch #37

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In the dev-bookmark branch, the following unit tests fail:

    • getBlobwithIfNoneMatchETagAccessconditionWorks
    • getBlobWithIfModifiedSinceAccessconditionWorks

This issue was introduced with 802e9b0 , where PipelineHelpers.ThrowIfError changed what it considered to be an error from >=300 to >=400. This change is correct, but the getBlob code should consider >=300 as an error, because the server returns a 304 if it cannot give a match for the If-* headers.

A potential fix is to change the BlobRestProxy code to replace


with something like:

    // 304 is returned if the blob requested does not match the If-None-Match, etc. headers.
    if (response.getStatus() >= 300) {
        throw new UniformInterfaceException(response);

Since this is a regression from already released code, we need to fix this. Al can you do an investigation/fix it if its easy.

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