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Spike: Service Bus: List*Result classes need to surface continuations #94

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Like most services, the Service Bus will return a partial list, with a continuation to get more, if you use TOP or if the number of results crosses some threshold. For example, with a call like this, when the server has more than 22 queues:$Resources/Queues?%24top=2&%24skip=20

the server can return:

<feed xmlns="">
  <link rel="self" href="
  <link rel="next" href="

However, that "next" link is not returned to the consumer of the API. This means that the ListResult classes need to parse and *expose those continuations to the user, so they can use them to get the next batch of results. For example, this is what is done with the Blob APIS, ListBlobsResult has a Marker and a NextMarker properties.

(The PHP SDK has a similar issue, tracked Azure/azure-sdk-for-php#479)


The question is whether the server expose the continuation information, how does .NET SDK do on this scenario?


Investigate - can we get consistent API across language SDKs


this is the ruby issue, it is a low pri one for ruby


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Moving to code gen. This will no longer apply.

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