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# coding=utf-8
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT License. See License.txt in the project root for
# license information.
# Code generated by Microsoft (R) AutoRest Code Generator.
# Changes may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if the code is
# regenerated.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
import uuid
from msrest.pipeline import ClientRawResponse
from .. import models
class ActivityLogsOperations(object):
"""ActivityLogsOperations operations.
You should not instantiate directly this class, but create a Client instance that will create it for you and attach it as attribute.
:param client: Client for service requests.
:param config: Configuration of service client.
:param serializer: An object model serializer.
:param deserializer: An object model deserializer.
:ivar api_version: Client Api Version. Constant value: "2015-04-01".
models = models
def __init__(self, client, config, serializer, deserializer):
self._client = client
self._serialize = serializer
self._deserialize = deserializer
self.api_version = "2015-04-01"
self.config = config
def list(
self, filter=None, select=None, custom_headers=None, raw=False, **operation_config):
"""Provides the list of records from the activity logs.
:param filter: Reduces the set of data collected.<br>The **$filter**
argument is very restricted and allows only the following
patterns.<br>- *List events for a resource group*:
$filter=eventTimestamp ge '2014-07-16T04:36:37.6407898Z' and
eventTimestamp le '2014-07-20T04:36:37.6407898Z' and resourceGroupName
eq 'resourceGroupName'.<br>- *List events for resource*:
$filter=eventTimestamp ge '2014-07-16T04:36:37.6407898Z' and
eventTimestamp le '2014-07-20T04:36:37.6407898Z' and resourceUri eq
'resourceURI'.<br>- *List events for a subscription in a time range*:
$filter=eventTimestamp ge '2014-07-16T04:36:37.6407898Z' and
eventTimestamp le '2014-07-20T04:36:37.6407898Z'.<br>- *List events
for a resource provider*: $filter=eventTimestamp ge
'2014-07-16T04:36:37.6407898Z' and eventTimestamp le
'2014-07-20T04:36:37.6407898Z' and resourceProvider eq
'resourceProviderName'.<br>- *List events for a correlation Id*:
$filter=eventTimestamp ge '2014-07-16T04:36:37.6407898Z' and
eventTimestamp le '2014-07-20T04:36:37.6407898Z' and correlationId eq
'correlationID'.<br><br>**NOTE**: No other syntax is allowed.
:type filter: str
:param select: Used to fetch events with only the given
properties.<br>The **$select** argument is a comma separated list of
property names to be returned. Possible values are: *authorization*,
*claims*, *correlationId*, *description*, *eventDataId*, *eventName*,
*eventTimestamp*, *httpRequest*, *level*, *operationId*,
*operationName*, *properties*, *resourceGroupName*,
*resourceProviderName*, *resourceId*, *status*, *submissionTimestamp*,
*subStatus*, *subscriptionId*
:type select: str
:param dict custom_headers: headers that will be added to the request
:param bool raw: returns the direct response alongside the
deserialized response
:param operation_config: :ref:`Operation configuration
:return: An iterator like instance of EventData
def prepare_request(next_link=None):
if not next_link:
# Construct URL
url = self.list.metadata['url']
path_format_arguments = {
'subscriptionId': self._serialize.url("self.config.subscription_id", self.config.subscription_id, 'str')
url = self._client.format_url(url, **path_format_arguments)
# Construct parameters
query_parameters = {}
query_parameters['api-version'] = self._serialize.query("self.api_version", self.api_version, 'str')
if filter is not None:
query_parameters['$filter'] = self._serialize.query("filter", filter, 'str')
if select is not None:
query_parameters['$select'] = self._serialize.query("select", select, 'str')
url = next_link
query_parameters = {}
# Construct headers
header_parameters = {}
header_parameters['Accept'] = 'application/json'
if self.config.generate_client_request_id:
header_parameters['x-ms-client-request-id'] = str(uuid.uuid1())
if custom_headers:
if self.config.accept_language is not None:
header_parameters['accept-language'] = self._serialize.header("self.config.accept_language", self.config.accept_language, 'str')
# Construct and send request
request = self._client.get(url, query_parameters, header_parameters)
return request
def internal_paging(next_link=None):
request = prepare_request(next_link)
response = self._client.send(request, stream=False, **operation_config)
if response.status_code not in [200]:
raise models.ErrorResponseException(self._deserialize, response)
return response
# Deserialize response
header_dict = None
if raw:
header_dict = {}
deserialized = models.EventDataPaged(internal_paging, self._deserialize.dependencies, header_dict)
return deserialized
list.metadata = {'url': '/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/providers/microsoft.insights/eventtypes/management/values'}
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