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Helper tool to deal with the device keys 🔐
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Azure IoT DPS Symmetric Key Generator

Helper tool to create device SAS key and/or connection string.


node.js version 8+


npm i -g dps-keygen


dps-keygen <args>

-di:<deviceId> : device id
-dk:<deviceKey> : device primary or secondary key
-mk:<masterKey> : admin primary or secondary key
-si:<scopeId> : scope id
-mr:<uri> : model repository uri
-mc:<uri> : model capability uri. Leave blank if its value is similar to model rep. uri.
-mi:<modelId> : model id


dps-keygen -di:dev1 -dk:devicekeyhere -si:scopeidhere

Calculating a device key from admin/master key

This operation doesn't require an active connection. However, you will need the master/admin (primary/secondary) key at your presence.

Device Id below is up to you. Make sure it's unique.

dps-keygen -mk:put_master_key_here -di:ie_dev1


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