Literally spray blind xss payloads everywhere.
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When I was reading guides on how to find blind XSS I took their advice quite literally and made a tool that would spray payloads at a list of urls or endpoints in request headers.

Advisory: This is meant for ethical purposes, I don't condone any bafoonery.

What do I need to do to make this work?

Add your payloads to the payloads = ['',''] in the script from XSSHunter or your server.

Still testing and will add more stuff later, like a form crawler etc.

Example Commands

python3 -help

python3 file.txt -e -get -user-agent

python3 file.txt -e -post -referer

python3 test.txt -ne -post -cookie

python3 test.txt -e -post -all

Encoding options:

-ne : Plaintext request.

-e : URL encoded request.

Request types:

-get : Get request

-post : Post request

Payload options:

-user-agent : User agent injecton.

-referer : Referer injection.

-cookie : Cookie injection.

-all : Inject all useragent, referer, and cookie.


Why is this not in Go?

Because I'm not the kind of person that follows the trend.