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Release notes 2.0.2:

#1 [Enhancement] Interface screen upgrade, new windows and features. See reference article.

#2 [New Feature] Duplication and Mirror print modes have been enabled.

#3 [New Feature] FRS[1] system has been implemented.

#4 [New Feature] Print window now contains:

 1. Settings, that window now contains:
          a. Temperatures: To control temperatures.
          b. Advanced Settings: To control print speed, flow rate, fan speed.
          c. Light Intensity: To control light intensity.
 2. Pause: To pause the print job.
 3. Stop: To abort the print job or save it.

#5 [New Feature] Printer Setup[2] window for:

 1. Change Hotend: Change Hotend assistant, follow the indications to procedure properly.
 2. Components Setup: Set properly which components have you installed on the printer[3].
 3. Light Intensity: LED light intensity can be modulated with a slider.
 4. Run Setup Assistant: This functionality has been moved here from information window.

#6 [Enhancement] Printer Calibration line selector have a confirmation button to avoid "miss-click".

#7 [Enhancement] Printer Calibration patterns have been improved in terms of print quality and robustness, being possible to do it with others materials.

#8 [New Feature] Some notification windows have been implemented.

#9 [Enhancement] Some descriptions of the procedures have been changed and/or added.

#10 [Enhancement] EEPROM store speed is faster.

#11 [Activated] Heating sanity check. This waits for a watch period in milliseconds when the target temperature is increased. If the temperature has not increased since the end of that period, the target temperature is set to zero.

#12 [Enhancement] Z probe second click speed has been decreased to be more accurate because bed platform vibrates less.

#13 [Bug/Enhancement] Minor serial communication fixes.

Minor bug fixes.


[1] Filament Runout Sensor.

[2] You will find it on Utilities.

[3] Hotend nozzle size, extruder motors (R16/R17 or new R19) and FRS.

Current LCD-FW version: 2.0.2

We recommend all users to update the printer firmware. Just fire up Cura and update.
You'll need to update the SD Files. Check this guide if you don't know how.

Also remember to check out for updates in Cura-BCN3D!

If you have any problem, please contact us through Github, mail or phone .