Supports Banana Pi BPI-M64 (Kernel 3.10) with open source code
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Banana Pi BPI-M64 bsp (u-boot 2014.7 & Kernel 3.10)

ref.from Thanks Simon Eisenmann.


#./ 1

Target download packages in SD/bpi-m64 after build. Please check the and Makefile for detail compile options.

Install to bpi image SD card

Get the image from bpi and download it to the SD card. After finish, insert the SD card to PC

# ./ 6

Choose the type, enter the SD dev, and confirm yes, all the build packages will be installed to target SD card.


Install to customer SD card


Partition the SD card with a 64MB boot partition starting at 1MB, and the rest as root partition.

Format the partitions

# mkfs.vfat -n BOOT /dev/sdX1
# mkfs.ext4 -L ROOT /dev/sdX2


Defaut support 5 types base on the display, 480p/720p/1080p/lcd5/lcd7

# sudo gunzip -c SD/bpi-m64/100MB/u-boot-with-dtb-bpi-m64-{type}-8k.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1024 seek=8

BOOT Partition

# mount -t vfat /dev/sdX1 /mnt/
# cp SD/bpi-m64/BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-m64/linux/Image /mnt/
# cp SD/bpi-m64/BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-m64/linux/initrd.img /mnt/

Defaut support 5 types base on the display, 480p/720p/1080p/lcd5/lcd7

# cp SD/bpi-m64/BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-m64/linux/${type}/* /mnt/

You must edit the uEnv.txt for u-boot to load related files with right direction.


# umount /mnt/

Another way to create the BOOT partition files if you don't care the file location

# tar xf SD/bpi-m64/BPI-BOOT-bpi-m64.tgz --keep-directory-symlink -C /mnt/

If you want to switch the display type in one of the five during the development cycle, this way is suggested, only download different type bootloader without any boot files changed.

ROOT Partition

Using rootfs tarball

# mount -t ext4 /dev/sdX2 /mnt/
# tar -c /mnt/ -xvf rootfs.tar.gz
# tar xf SD/bpi-m64/3.10.105-BPI-M64-Kernel.tgz --keep-directory-symlink -C /mnt/
# tar xf SD/bpi-m64/BOOTLOADER-bpi-m64.tgz --keep-directory-symlink -C /mnt/

Get the ap6212 firmware from and place ap6212 folder in /mnt/lib/firmware/

# umount /mnt/