A web utility for finding commonly misused words in the English language.
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The Strunkifier

Why Strunkify? - William Strunk Jr. was an English professor at Cornell around the turn of the century. He wrote a small textbook for the students of his English class. One of these students was E. B. White, who would later become a writer at The New Yorker and the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. White eventually published Strunk's book and it became a widely used English style guide. The book sets out guidelines on how to be a clearer, more concise writer, with brevity and the reduction of unnecessary language as its main goals. This page is a utility which detects and warns about a number of problematic words and phrases that Strunk outlined in his book.

Can I help? - Absolutely you can. I'm more than happy to accept any contributions to the Strunkifier. Use the Github "Pull Requests" feature to submit them.