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Babel Notes

To setup, we make a PR on babel/notes and then setup a doodle for availability each week (and we make a Slack call or Google Hangouts for the chat). Currently, we usually do video chat on Mondays at 10:00 PM EST.

If we don't meet, I usually post a summary of what's been going on (notable issues/PRs, etc).

New notes are added as pull requests (watch the repo!): feel free to comment on them!

To know about our team members, please check out our team page!

Latest Notes: https://github.com/babel/notes/blob/8e427fb9174c693fc650a6ca25f802a61b710158/2018/2018-09/sept-10.md


Most of our discussions happen in the #development/#discussion slack rooms. (Sign up at slack.babeljs.io)

Old Notes (2016)

When we didn't have "meetings", but just notes to discuss development. These notes started July 30, 2016.