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BadgeUp .NET Client

Official .NET client for working with BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.

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Install the package from nuget here.

Example Use

The BadgeUp .NET client is initialized with an API key which can be generated in the BadgeUp dashboard.

using BadgeUp;
using BadgeUp.Responses;
using BadgeUp.Types;
using System;

// instantiate the client
var client = new BadgeUpClient("<api key here>");

// create an event
var badgeupEvent = new Event("some_user", "jump", new Modifier { Inc = 1 });

// optionally provide a DateTimeOffset for when the event occurred
badgeupEvent.Timestamp = DateTimeOffset.Parse("2017-01-01T18:00:00+05:30");

//send an event
EventResponse response = await client.Event.Send(badgeupEvent);

// loop through all the progress results
foreach (var eventResult in response.Results)
    foreach (var prog in eventResult.Progress)
        // check if this is a newly-earned achievement
        if (prog.IsComplete && prog.IsNew)
            string earnedAchievementId = prog.EarnedAchievementId;
            string achievementId = prog.AchievementId;
            System.Console.WriteLine($"Achievement with ID {prog.AchievementId} Earned!");

            // from here you can use AchievementId and EarnedAchievementId to get the original achievement and awards objects
            var earnedAchievement = await client.EarnedAchievement.GetById(earnedAchievementId);
            var achievement = await client.Achievement.GetById(achievementId);

            // get associated award information
            foreach (var awardId in achievement.Awards)
                var award = await client.Award.GetById(awardId);
                // in the dashboard set the award to `{ "points": 5 }`
                int points = award.Data["points"].ToObject<int>();
                System.Console.WriteLine($"Points awarded: {points}");

Custom Meta Fields

To help relate BadgeUp resources to your product's internal resources, BadgeUp generally allows you to set custom fields in meta.

// you can get custom metadata fields for an achievement
string internalId = achievement.Meta.GetCustomField<string>("internal_id");
int fieldValueAsInteger = achievement.Meta.GetCustomField<int>("some_age_field");
MyClass fieldValueAsSpecificType = achievement.Meta.GetCustomField<MyClass>("custom_field_name");


dotnet restore


dotnet test


If you find an problem with this module, please file an issue. This library targets compatibility with .NET 4.6 and .NET Core v1.1 (LTS).

Release Instructions

dotnet build --configuration Release
dotnet pack --output nupkgs --include-symbols --include-source --configuration Release
dotnet nuget push .\BadgeUpClient\nupkgs\BadgeUpClient.0.0.1.nupkg --api-key <key> --source