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NOTICE! This repository is deprecated

Banano's official discord tip bot can now be found here:

BananoBot++ (a BANANO currency Tip Bot for Discord)

BananoBot++ is an open source, free to use banano bot for discord.

A few of the features included in this bot:

  • standard tipping (ban,bansplit)
  • tipping all actively contributing users (brain)
  • giveaways+raffles from individual sponsors or auto-started by the bot when pool reaches certain amount (giveaway,donate)
  • individual statistics (tipstats)
  • bot-wide statistics (ballers,toptips,winners)
  • individual favorites list (addfavorite,removefavorite,banfavorites,favorites)
  • Administration commands for specific users or roles (see adminhelp)
  • Interactive help for user friendly-ness

And much more than listed here probably


BananoBot++ is designed so that every tip is a real transaction on the BANANO network.

Some highlights:

  • Transactions are queued and processed synchronously in a worker thread, while bot activity is handled in a main thread.
  • User data, transactions, and all other persisted data is stored using the Peewee ORM with Sqlite
  • Operates with a single BANANO wallet, with 1 account per user

Recommend using with a GPU/OpenCL configured node (or work peer) on busier discord servers due to POW calculation.

Getting started


sudo apt install python3 python3-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git

(Optional - to run with pm2)

sudo apt install npm nodejs
sudo npm install -g pm2

Note: python 3.6+ is required. On older distributions you may need to source a third party package.


cd ~
git clone bananotipbot

Set up BANANO Node

Reference the Wiki for directions on running your own node. You may find additional support in the official Banano Discord Server

You need rpc_enable and enable_control set to 'true' in the config.json

Create wallet for tip bot

docker <container_id> exec bananode --wallet_create

non-docker nodes:

/path/to/bananode --wallet_create

This will output your wallet ID (NOT the seed), copy this as you will need it for later

Discord bot

Create discord bot and get client ID and token (also save both of these for the next step)

Guide written by somebody else


cd bananotipbot

Then open with any text editor and add your bot's client ID, token, and the wallet ID from earlier

Virtualenv + python requirements

virtualenv -p python3.6 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Running with PM2

pm2 start --interpreter=~/bananotipbot/venv/bin/python
pm2 save

Running normally


or in background:

nohup venv/bin/python &

Database backups

There exists a script in scripts/cron called bananotipbotbackup. Highly recommend you use this or something better to backup the tip bot database.

Simply toss the script in cron.hourly, crontab, cron.daily, whatever - and update the backup path and database path.


Use Banano TipBot at your own risk. Any losses incurred using tipbot cannot be refunded.


Deprecated repo. Banano TipBot for Discord is integrated in the upstream now.






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