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A fork of D2R Server 0.7 for the LinkedBrainz project
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This is a fork of the D2R Server for the LinkedBrainz project.  For
more info about LinkedBrainz see

Changes so far:
 - remove "resource" from generated URIs (see [6])
 - changed D2RQ jar so that "uuid" Postgres DB data type is accepted (see [9,11])
 - extensible Translator class handling (looking for Translator class interface implementations in super classes as well; see [9,11]) 
 - hand crafting musicbrainz_mapping.n3 (see [8])
 - LinkedBrainz related D2RS Translator classes (see [12])

See [1] for a test suite (JUnit) of the MusicBrainz NGS [5] to Music Ontology [2] (etc. [3]) mappings.
See [6] for a maven [7] project of the LinkedBrainz specific D2R Server version. See [9] for a maven project of D2RQ [10].

The jar files from [10,6,12] are occasionally pushed to the 'lib' folder of this project. Handcrafted versions of these project have to be manually copied into this folder to resolve the dependencies.

D2R Server [10] is a Linked Data server and SPARQL endpoint for relational

Check doc/index.html for more information, or visit the website at or [10]

for the latest updates on D2R Server.

[3] the mapping makes use of further Semantic Web Ontologies, e.g., FOAF [4]
[6] (maven project)
[9] (maven project)
[12] (maven project)
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