ESLint formatter that displays absolute paths with row/column on one line.
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ESLint formatter that displays absolute error path with row/column on one line.

A console formatter cloned from jshint-path-reporter that is similar to the default output from JSHint, except the report displays absolute file paths with the row/column appended in a parsable format.

This allows convenient use of ESLint from within tools that apply a filter RegExp to console views to turn error lines into clickable links to instantly navigate to the error location.


There is support for source-maps; if a //@ sourceMappingURL is found the reported error position is mapped to the original source file. This works great with output from compilers like TypeScript or build tools like grunt-concat-sourcemap.


This reporter is tested and actively used in WebStorm with eslint-grunt but will work with and implementation. For maximum effect have a output filter configured in its edit-tool-dialog of the tool you run, something like:

$FILE_PATH$[ \t]*[:;,\[\(\{<]$LINE$(?:[:;,\.]$COLUMN$)?.*


Install from NPM

 $ npm install eslint-path-formatter

Then pass the path to the module as the formatter option (see the ESLint docs). It is a bit odd but this is how ESLint finds the module.

Works with ESLint >= 0.1.0 (cli oapi), or use any recent wrapper, like:

For example using grunt:

	// when using eslint-grunt:
	eslint: {
		options: {
			formatter: './node_modules/eslint-path-formatter'
		source: {
	// when using grunt-eslint:
	eslint: {
		options: {
			format: './node_modules/eslint-path-formatter'
		source: {


Use these on the exported value (crude but effective):

Disable ANSI colouring

For low-tech displays and pure text.

require('eslint-path-formatter').options.color = false;

//old options

Disable sourcemap lookup

require('eslint-path-formatter').options.sourcemap = false;

Example output

Looks very similar to jshint-path-reporter:

WebStorm (with link filter and darcula theme): webstorm darcula



Install development dependencies in your git checkout:

$ npm install

You need the global grunt command:

$ npm install grunt-cli -g

Build and run tests:

$ grunt

See the Gruntfile for additional commands.


Copyright (c) 2013 Bart van der Schoor

Licensed under the MIT license.