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OCR Captcha Solver

A tiny program to solve the thousand captcha image for testing the quality of the OCR. (Optical character recognition)

Optical character recognition

OCR Captcha Solver - Max Base

OCR Captcha Solver - Max Base


Captcha Image Result
captcha Oyshobe)
captcha O1ibb
captcha ey eey
captcha fdic
captcha f97b
captcha omneli
captcha feLo}0le
captcha 16d0
captcha 80fd
captcha bcc8
captcha 47db
captcha cd6f
captcha 5bb1
captcha 028d
captcha elev se
captcha 60f6
captcha ova)
captcha 9899
captcha b9ic
captcha 0b18
captcha 773a
captcha b26e
captcha aa
captcha f68d
captcha aee2
captcha Paste
captcha re] WA
captcha dee3
captcha eb3e
captcha 0320
captcha f9fb
captcha 7109
captcha ec80
captcha ca58
captcha 5fa8
captcha caa7
captcha 7d66
captcha a9b9
captcha f646
captcha 3cf3
captcha icy
captcha 2e9c
captcha fbf5
captcha 1ta21
captcha aeab
captcha 61e0
captcha 3e8b
captcha 66b3
captcha f920
captcha 18a8
captcha d029
captcha 502e
captcha d745
captcha d35d
captcha loons
captcha 55e4
captcha 3a61
captcha 1a00
captcha d216
captcha 991a
captcha adb3
captcha 2fel
captcha a83b
captcha On ney
captcha fc4c
captcha 52ca
captcha 8c88
captcha 4eb3
captcha 7863
captcha 3d84
captcha 8a5c
captcha Sieh
captcha 311c
captcha fded
captcha d9e0
captcha 49fd
captcha stole ras
captcha 14b5
captcha 6b80
captcha a405
captcha Pao j
captcha 007b
captcha e679
captcha 29a0
captcha 7798
captcha da8e
captcha 6059
captcha elope)
captcha c4d2
captcha 5ea3
captcha dfa7
captcha a308
captcha 2595
captcha edef
captcha d5c4
captcha sKel=ts)
captcha ie) 8%c!
captcha ele }o
captcha Oacd
captcha AP,
captcha othe)
captcha 63d8
captcha bff5
captcha bb74
captcha 15cd
captcha yee
captcha (el-10)9
captcha 7c86
captcha 6f0b
captcha d9b3
captcha (Olea ks)
captcha 6ee7
captcha b74b
captcha cbd6
captcha 2c9d
captcha e4b4
captcha 902b
captcha 7745
captcha 7651
captcha eR aE
captcha c954
captcha vA
captcha ba8e
captcha (oles
captcha a968
captcha c06e
captcha 342e
captcha 7c9d
captcha low)
captcha 91c9
captcha 2c86
captcha 13c3
captcha 79a3
captcha io iel- WA
captcha ee
captcha 6da7
captcha diel
captcha sleows
captcha 20c0
captcha 674a
captcha fb3f
captcha bdd6
captcha 9b4f
captcha c9b3
captcha 95de
captcha 03f0
captcha rol=1=\6
captcha 5770
captcha bbee
captcha c0a2
captcha 1d16
captcha ab7b
captcha Oide
captcha c761
captcha token
captcha yh e
captcha a36b
captcha eho) olf
captcha 2e48
captcha 6b67
captcha O6da
captcha Ovsey
captcha 4e20
captcha 38fc
captcha 5175
captcha acac
captcha 7da6
captcha ices
captcha 49a2
captcha ee62
captcha 6290
captcha c2d5
captcha 9b03
captcha omnel i
captcha eOfb
captcha 9338
captcha ead4
captcha 5479
captcha b1i9b
captcha 3d0b
captcha a2fd
captcha sme}cle
captcha 95a8
captcha 9326
captcha 1d0a
captcha bf46
captcha 10 hs}e)
captcha f10d
captcha 189b
captcha Ne I=
captcha cefe
captcha bdd2
captcha 3d40
captcha 1496
captcha 0733
captcha wa
captcha 4010
captcha 7d44
captcha bof6
captcha 58a5
captcha Ofb6
captcha fai0
captcha 966b
captcha Sa)
captcha 44d3
captcha 3419
captcha sMoloe4
captcha be86
captcha 9e87
captcha 18e3
captcha 675b
captcha fetohols)
captcha Toa
captcha e7dc
captcha 63a6
captcha 3ad9
captcha 22e4
captcha lier
captcha a808
captcha e) elo)
captcha 4196
captcha onan
captcha d726
captcha 3ea6
captcha (Aai—te)
captcha 29f9
captcha 5804
captcha bid2
captcha 7385
captcha e6dc
captcha 8ica
captcha 5b23
captcha Cal
captcha 4130
captcha ce22
captcha c760
captcha a296
captcha PheteXe
captcha 542c
captcha ba39
captcha rs}etshe)
captcha (o¥s} Ke)
captcha 9b86
captcha c09a
captcha 88a9
captcha 1ab6
captcha 2af8
captcha (oot
captcha c37e
captcha fbd3
captcha ioe
captcha axes)
captcha 1758
captcha s\XONA
captcha 4b63
captcha 3a7C
captcha f5el
captcha 4146
captcha wa
captcha d2cb
captcha ce54
captcha 7fad
captcha 8dcO
captcha color
captcha VELeWA
captcha rsLolel@
captcha 326b
captcha 06d8
captcha 250f
captcha reloohs
captcha 59d2
captcha d3e5
captcha a66e
captcha Ui
captcha 5226
captcha ae78
captcha d220
captcha ohm Ke
captcha 96d2
captcha 046b
captcha coy F- Te)
captcha 2b5a
captcha WACle)
captcha 9d42
captcha f949
captcha e566
captcha 2881
captcha b7f9
captcha cd0a
captcha 3a2b
captcha c028
captcha 9e98
captcha 2072
captcha c655
captcha ada2
captcha dbfe
captcha 83fb
captcha 2538
captcha ad8c
captcha fa2e
captcha fd04
captcha f004
captcha a008
captcha e58d
captcha oon
captcha 499d
captcha a470
captcha e7df
captcha 54fc
captcha biil
captcha 5dbe
captcha b8c9
captcha d502
captcha d84b
captcha afca
captcha iano te
captcha 6683
captcha PL toPA
captcha 2e9e
captcha 65c4
captcha 7a43
captcha eho }o ks)
captcha 68e8
captcha 60b7
captcha lee} i
captcha 1f8d
captcha 2d7b
captcha c312
captcha b4a3
captcha eye
captcha 5970
captcha 2675
captcha vas
captcha A4bfe
captcha ee2a
captcha 297e
captcha tore
captcha 55bb
captcha 0a65
captcha baes
captcha 3650
captcha 6866
captcha Pea
captcha e58b
captcha veel
captcha Tow
captcha f013
captcha 54b9
captcha rele
captcha c104
captcha b8ba
captcha 57e4
captcha b038
captcha f6c9
captcha 7892
captcha fab6
captcha 2fe9
captcha Shey) f
captcha ova
captcha Oletows
captcha 7cad
captcha 9eel
captcha 8g6d0
captcha 7946
captcha 7a48
captcha a9b9
captcha 33f6
captcha fcf0
captcha yeh is
captcha Crore
captcha pyaai
captcha 8e80
captcha 6aeb
captcha ec8e
captcha f3a9
captcha (Owe)
captcha 5113
captcha 17c5
captcha e580
captcha 6edb
captcha eee
captcha 583a
captcha 00c1
captcha 4020
captcha Meter
captcha c617
captcha 3685
captcha 27a9
captcha 3c5a
captcha eV Ae
captcha a20b
captcha 3b20
captcha 583b
captcha 85ba
captcha b72e
captcha cc3f
captcha pas!
captcha 9163
captcha veel
captcha 55c4
captcha 7289
captcha 67b2
captcha 7a6a
captcha Flee
captcha 8c99
captcha c8b1i
captcha a5d7
captcha ey Tefe]
captcha 361b
captcha d5ea
captcha 4d67
captcha 4409
captcha beib
captcha 6305
captcha 245d
captcha oreT WA
captcha 025e
captcha 053b
captcha b2ee
captcha ewe]
captcha 63e6
captcha 775a
captcha 45d4
captcha 8ed0
captcha eye
captcha 1623
captcha CBRoes
captcha 6ffe
captcha yAUl-v
captcha 30f1
captcha eh T he)
captcha f83b
captcha 20c9
captcha d829
captcha 7fb0
captcha le}) i
captcha 840a
captcha 9225
captcha 35de
captcha f7a7
captcha 9ee6
captcha Pee e=
captcha 00da
captcha re LeKee
captcha 3eb5
captcha 3ca0
captcha ai
captcha yoheyas
captcha c650
captcha 09b2
captcha adf8
captcha 105a
captcha 80b1
captcha lies)
captcha smolO) i
captcha d3f5
captcha Ofa3
captcha 781a
captcha oy Ios)
captcha Fsbo s.
captcha b5d1
captcha lotsiele)
captcha 3d7a
captcha 02e3
captcha e5b8
captcha 1365
captcha oyole
captcha leer
captcha Orsi be)
captcha 8c7f
captcha 6355
captcha 6cfb
captcha ya=} 0)
captcha of2f
captcha 12f0
captcha g9d4
captcha 914a
captcha riehnt
captcha 14d3
captcha 02a3
captcha relOl-18
captcha 1e31
captcha smohoWA
captcha WX)
captcha e38a
captcha d72e
captcha 5a2b
captcha 940e
captcha e218
captcha 6750
captcha Zee!
captcha do61
captcha FLO} Ke
captcha 528a
captcha e4c4
captcha c6e2
captcha b579
captcha cac9
captcha b2ce
captcha Poe)
captcha 6615
captcha b961
captcha 9020
captcha WwAors
captcha ofeKel
captcha b50a
captcha 8729
captcha 9b9b
captcha ler be
captcha f50b
captcha (oper
captcha 437e
captcha 9f2c
captcha (cholo
captcha 145d
captcha 849b
captcha cidb
captcha de12
captcha 95b3
captcha el
captcha c6f0
captcha 6c27
captcha vara
captcha 6f8d
captcha 7cal
captcha e082
captcha efd6
captcha ati
captcha de4c
captcha 9e46
captcha 1821
captcha 2e0e
captcha 07e6
captcha SLX
captcha 9601
captcha 4ea8
captcha 8687
captcha 8f04
captcha coke
captcha 3ab9
captcha eYelo) I
captcha 0e23
captcha awe
captcha 3f15
captcha leas
captcha f6dc
captcha 84f1
captcha lie)
captcha 2603
captcha db95
captcha a23e
captcha 6dab
captcha cb8a
captcha 1c2c
captcha c08b
captcha d34c
captcha cy PAl)
captcha 4b93
captcha si0lol i
captcha sels
captcha bde8s
captcha 7f04
captcha 5406
captcha 54cb
captcha de2a
captcha f6a3
captcha 040d
captcha ddc2
captcha Oc6c
captcha 05c0
captcha rSFohod
captcha ve-lee
captcha b77d
captcha caSSC
captcha 3c16
captcha 97d1
captcha 405a
captcha 7b5b
captcha c698
captcha e30a
captcha 8ab7
captcha fa4d
captcha ald8
captcha 15d0
captcha d363
captcha d616
captcha ie
captcha 86el
captcha (oho y
captcha ler he)
captcha 345e
captcha ctoVAi
captcha 46a8
captcha 05a2
captcha b8ilt
captcha Ceili
captcha 865c
captcha bcil
captcha ied
captcha 9bd9
captcha rw Ae
captcha 4285
captcha 6ael
captcha e2e9
captcha d956
captcha 6b39
captcha e550
captcha 1195
captcha 2ff4
captcha af84
captcha fehirels}
captcha cea3
captcha ac83
captcha 664c
captcha 09e9
captcha 9748
captcha c9b7
captcha 4d2e
captcha ce4a
captcha lineks)
captcha 3db3
captcha 05e4
captcha rershOe
captcha 59aa
captcha fe44
captcha 12b2
captcha O02fa
captcha row Aenl
captcha ac WAe
captcha d2b6
captcha 1431
captcha cietsie
captcha (crSPars
captcha 9986
captcha CVscle
captcha olor
captcha 37de
captcha 282f
captcha 20ac
captcha 5740
captcha 3ee8
captcha she
captcha yaaa
captcha 62f4
captcha e5c9
captcha eliels
captcha 8232
captcha 6b56
captcha 68f4
captcha e54b
captcha 44ab
captcha sel
captcha 5f76
captcha ware
captcha 68ab
captcha dd3a
captcha aa35
captcha edcd
captcha 9948
captcha c5ca
captcha 4966
captcha ef0a
captcha dc82
captcha b75d
captcha Pash)
captcha 6afc
captcha a8f6
captcha b064
captcha a36d
captcha ba4b
captcha bia2
captcha af6e
captcha 0141
captcha 66e0
captcha di29
captcha oWAee
captcha b339
captcha 8030
captcha 8a63
captcha 59b2
captcha cl) ai
captcha Qabc
captcha db5b
captcha A=) ale)
captcha eb45
captcha 95cd
captcha d8d8
captcha eToys,
captcha 76e0
captcha e7ae
captcha 536f
captcha d8d1
captcha isle
captcha 7618
captcha 854e
captcha 9d60
captcha (eree)e)
captcha 995a
captcha be86
captcha dif3
captcha 4eci
captcha aage
captcha 8fcl
captcha 493d
captcha ffOb
captcha dc60
captcha d70e
captcha 089e
captcha 946e
captcha 4idd
captcha 8738
captcha 7ile
captcha rsieroke)
captcha a4dc
captcha 7f03
captcha a4b9
captcha es
captcha 1m]
captcha 4d7d
captcha d507
captcha d8e5
captcha adi0
captcha 6dd7
captcha e8de
captcha 8bbf
captcha 6586
captcha db34
captcha d451
captcha 561e
captcha b1i29
captcha 2e5a
captcha a010
captcha a263
captcha 4c16
captcha d702
captcha bibda
captcha 22f8
captcha 87b9
captcha 4990
captcha eba5
captcha yA i
captcha f612
captcha 125a
captcha 66d5
captcha jolene
captcha rae
captcha yr la
captcha Pare
captcha f607
captcha ai78
captcha 11d7
captcha eee
captcha be75
captcha c939
captcha bddf
captcha 547c
captcha 1038
captcha a878
captcha ehiei—
captcha ire)
captcha 3cac
captcha WAN
captcha leh
captcha 5896
captcha d904
captcha a75e
captcha 753a
captcha 5086
captcha b67f
captcha CP
captcha 55bb
captcha eTerom
captcha 13d6
captcha 10ea
captcha c425
captcha c691
captcha 8b30
captcha vas
captcha c4e3
captcha Ratois
captcha 56a4
captcha d57f
captcha 7b4a
captcha 2c25
captcha a
captcha 7a76
captcha 9be9
captcha fb6e
captcha 7e0b
captcha 4eci
captcha 00e2
captcha 628a
captcha 98da
captcha a9fb
captcha 989c
captcha ad73
captcha errs
captcha fe73
captcha aac6
captcha bed4
captcha e29d
captcha [lees
captcha crv
captcha 91cO
captcha WMA)
captcha bedd
captcha 50a9
captcha 5aa0
captcha (Orbe)
captcha fdef
captcha ereic[)
captcha 3deb
captcha 6c14
captcha yaw
captcha ce42
captcha 78f7
captcha 3ecb
captcha c625
captcha 9e83
captcha TSE
captcha bO8f
captcha 133d
captcha caf9
captcha 33c9
captcha de9d
captcha ca67
captcha dofb
captcha 1cb6
captcha 758b
captcha 86ba
captcha 9a08
captcha 6del
captcha 369a
captcha 23ba
captcha e986
captcha 1a34
captcha dea5
captcha ebshW/
captcha 5ef4
captcha 9f83
captcha e646
captcha d535
captcha 1e5b
captcha ai65
captcha 686a
captcha 05e8
captcha d233
captcha rere WA
captcha a75c
captcha c8e8
captcha 3d29
captcha 89e0
captcha a228
captcha deb3
captcha ry h eal
captcha var)
captcha 2739
captcha 5d74
captcha (ohomee)
captcha 11b3
captcha 33a0
captcha 99a9
captcha 4361
captcha 2295
captcha d732
captcha cOb6
captcha (oF ho)
captcha 4dee
captcha 449a
captcha 468a
captcha bal4
captcha ion WA
captcha b6d6
captcha b7f2
captcha nie
captcha Aor
captcha 9914
captcha 5ff0
captcha cc52
captcha iikewA
captcha Obf4
captcha ed46
captcha fi otstas
captcha pace!
captcha crn
captcha uel a
captcha 5775
captcha 3833
captcha ccf1
captcha 67a8
captcha 445a
captcha 370e
captcha le)oul
captcha oxelil
captcha 7ce6
captcha d4e0
captcha a2aa
captcha 5d6a
captcha 624e
captcha 7ei5
captcha deOe
captcha Weal
captcha 2800
captcha i nole=)
captcha 7ac2
captcha cd75
captcha 4e22
captcha fort)
captcha 5dda
captcha d6d8
captcha (on ie})
captcha el ey
captcha clehr-)
captcha Pew
captcha 90ab
captcha (isle)
captcha ircyas]
captcha 32aa
captcha 6e33
captcha 4f88
captcha 1f56
captcha bd16
captcha e94a
captcha 5930
captcha 5812
captcha ad9e
captcha c280
captcha setts
captcha e873
captcha e868
captcha chev fe)
captcha 2773
captcha df90
captcha a359
captcha g90e
captcha a306
captcha 69cd
captcha 990e
captcha Pelee
captcha Aa
captcha 9c57
captcha im eK=
captcha 3dc4
captcha eb08
captcha b057
captcha ones)
captcha 85ec
captcha 189d
captcha 5703
captcha a7c4
captcha d303
captcha 4c65
captcha e4ce
captcha (ere) is)
captcha 8a73
captcha Noli
captcha b829
captcha aw
captcha ea89
captcha rol =re RE
captcha sme)
captcha 0918
captcha 840f
captcha c4c3
captcha 0228
captcha 76bc
captcha 0358
captcha 6aaf
captcha 9a58
captcha 62e3
captcha f830
captcha c574
captcha fccf
captcha oni
captcha bdc5
captcha Caw
captcha 9479
captcha 2) p}ete]
captcha an
captcha 0674
captcha ae
captcha 2ac5
captcha oleae
captcha b89e
captcha b818
captcha Oaf8
captcha 0316
captcha 752c
captcha 3b2b
captcha Cw
captcha f467
captcha sK=}0)
captcha c7b9
captcha dc5e
captcha 9243
captcha 53a2
captcha rXehal
captcha d74a
captcha 2441
captcha addO