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Brainstorming in progress. New design. Rookies welcome

Airborne ADC Video

Air Data Computer

Asgard ADC


An air data computer (ADC) is an essential avionics component found in modern aircraft. This unit can determine True Airspeed, Mach number, Altitude, and common air properties from a pitot-static probe data and an outside air temperature probe.

This repository, together with the media published on the BasicAirData website, contains the information to build from scratch a recreational grade DIY Air Data Computer. This device can transmit data via USB serial port and Bluetooth, and log all data on a MicroSD.

The project is a work in progress

This Air Data Computer can be controlled sending plain text messages from any serial / bluetooth terminal.
We are developing Air Data Bridge, a simple app for Android devices to connect via Bluetooth and use this ADC on-the-field in an easy way.

At a Glance

Reference documents

Notes on firmware programming

Basic Air Data Home Page

Code of conduct

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