Project support files for my homebrew FPGA platform of the same name.
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FleaFPGA Ohm - Quickstart Guide Rev 0.11.pdf



Welcome to my technical support page for the FleaFPGA Ohm project. :-)

"OK. So what's in this github repository?"

'FleaFPGA Ohm - Quickstart Guide Rev 0.11.pdf'
FleaFPGA Ohm Quickstart Guide, preliminary version 0.11 (Schematics included).
38-page PDF that provides a starting point for users wanting to dive into their FleaFPGA Ohm 
board, or as a reasonable reference for users who are already familiar with their FleaFPGA Ohm.

'FleaFPGA-JTAG-Setup-v1.31-Win32.exe' (also 'LICENSE.txt')
FleaJTAG utility to configure the FleaFPGA Ohm board (Windows 32-bit installer version). 
Kindly refer to the Quickstart Guide for details on how to install and use this program.
FleaJTAG sources for both Windows and Linux platforms may be found at: (Thank you Xark for your great work! :-)

'Blinky' test bitfile (.VME file extension) for uploading into your FleaFPGA Ohm board.
Upload to your FleaFPGA Ohm board and watch the user LED blink at a rate of once per second! :-)
Kindly refer to the Quickstart Guide for details on how to install and use this program.

Project source files for the 'Blinky' test example. Contains Top-level module and pin-out
definition files (.VHD and .LPF extension) for use in custom user FPGA applications involving
FleaFPGA Ohm.

Kindly see section  of the FleaFPGA Ohm Quickstart guide for details on how to use the files 
contained in the zip archive. 

"OK. So I got this far, now what? :-)"

Don't forget to check out the suggestions covered in Section 8 of our Quickstart guide!

That's all there is for now. Happy Experimenting! :-)

Valentin Angelovski

DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure document accuracy and/or code functionality, 
all executable files and/or sources are provided on an 'as-is' basis and do not come with warranty.