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Suscan - A realtime DSP library

Important note: if you are looking for the graphical application based on this library, it has been deprecated and removed from the source tree. Suscan (GUI) was a GTK3-based application with poor performance and responsiveness that was eventually replaced by the Qt5 application SigDigger. You will still need Suscan (library) in order to compile SigDigger.

Suscan is a realtime DSP processing library. It provides a set of useful abstractions to perform dynamic digital signal analysis and demodulation. Suscan offers features like:

  • Multicore-friendly signal processing, based on worker threads
  • Generic ASK, FSK, PSK and audio demodulators
  • An extensible codec interface
  • Configuration file API (XML)
  • Source API based on SoapySDR

Building and installing Suscan

In order to build Suscan, you will need the development files for the following packages:

sigutils fftw3 sndfile SoapySDR libxml-2.0

If you are in a Debian-like operating system, you will also need cmake and build-essential.

After installing all dependencies, enter Suscan's source directory and compile by typing:

% cd suscan
% mkdir build
% cd build
% cmake ..
% make

If the previous commands were successful, you are ready to install Suscan in your system by executing (as root):

# make install

You can verify your installation by running:

% suscan.status

If everything went fine, you should see the message:

suscan.status: suscan library loaded successfully.
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