A C++ 2D hack'n slash game made with SDL2
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A hack' n slash game made in C++ with the SDL2 library. Game Installer available here : https://bit.ly/2U2UoFC (To compile the project, you need to have the sdl2 library located at C:\sdl2) Made thanks to the assets and courses from Matthew Carr (https://twitter.com//2HitMatt) https://www.udemy.com/hack-n-slash-sdl2/learn/v4/overview


  • (16/01/2019) : Add a camera with interpolation that smoothly follows the player around the stage : PLG02

  • (17/01/2019) : Add a new type of enemy (Grob) that just walk towards the player and hurt him if collided with PLG03

  • (17/01/2019) : Add a boss battle encounter after 3 successful waves of enemies slained PLG04

  • (17/01/2019) : Add a UI health bar for the boss and increased the player's health amount PLG05


  • Spacebar : Start the game / Restart the game
  • Escape key : Quit the game
  • "W" key : Attack
  • "X" key : Dodge/Sprint with invicinbility frame
  • "up arrow" key : Move Up
  • "down arrow" key : Move Down
  • "right arrow" key : Move Right
  • "left arrow key" : Move Left

Credit: Course programming, curriculum design, and lectures: Matthew Carr

Project made with C++11 and Visual Studio 2015. The executable file will be included in the final commit.

To compile this project you need to install the following libraries (NOTE : if you're using Visual Studio download the "Development Libraries" version of those libraries, those are the only ones containing the .lib dependencies needed to compile) :