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BattleTech mod (using BTML) that changes your maintenance cost of your mechs from a flat sum for all mechs, to a cost, specific to the cost of the mech chassis.


** Warning: Uses the experimental BTML mod loader that might change, come here again to check for updates **


  • Your monthly mech cost now depend on the chassis.
  • This makes Light mechs more attractive and Assault mechs more hard to sustain.


Downloads can be found on github.


Setting Type Default Description
PercentageOfMechCost float default 0.003 The percentage of the chassis cost you have to pay monthly. 1 = 100% / 0 = 0%
CostByTons bool default false set this to true if you want tonnage to be the factor to determine the drop costs.
cbillsPerTon int default 500 if CostByTons is true, this sets the cost per ton.
TonsAdditive bool default false If both tons flags are true adds the tons value to the normal calculated value.


  • After installing BTML, put everything into \BATTLETECH\Mods\ folder.
  • If you want a different percentage set it in the settings.json.
  • Start the game.
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