Turn your Android phone into Google Glass Temp Emulator
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Google-Glass-Temp Emulator

This emulator can be used to check the Web cards pushed from your glassware, not suitable for testing glass specific functions

Turn your Android phone into Emulator Prerequisites – You need a wifi connection to authorize the google account to your glass software. Reason is google glass only has wifi connectivity so its only means to connect to internet is through wifi, so they don’t have data related libraries’ so if you are connected through your data connection it wont work. But if you don’t have a wifi, create a hotspot through a laptop or smartphone and change your data into wifi. But you can try using the data connection and post a comment if it works.

There must be a

Step 1 Download the APKs

Step2 Extract the file.

Step3 To simply install, copy these files into the SD Card of your android phone and click on them and it will prompt you, from which app to open the file, select the package installer. (If this is not the first time you are installing an app in this method you can skip this sline)Then it will ask you to enable the third party app/unknown source app installation, which you can find in the Settings–> Security Now you can install the apks.

First of all Instal the following files


After installing all these apks (Don’t run any of the apps as soon as you install), before opening any app open the ‘Glass Setup’ app which is available now in your app list.

At this point you must login to https://accounts.google.com/myglass using your google account that you wish to associate with your glass App. Complete the procedure shown.

Now you will be redirected to your Glass Companion page, here you will see all the glasswares(In google glass apps are called glasswares) you have subscribed, here you can manage them. Or there is an app called glass companion, which I have added in the rar you downloaded now.

Now you can Open the ‘Glass Home’ App from your App list And you will See this View Screenshot_2013-07-03-14-35-221

And start the operations by saying the magic word ‘ok glass’And you will see available commands google-glass-interface-ok-glass

So this is how the google glass works, for how to use commands please see my first article on Google Glass http://pathofacoder.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/what-is-a-google-glass/

Most of the commands will not work, Ok glass–> google… will wok and it acts like google now. Ok glass–>Send a message to will work if you have added contacts from your gmail account in the glass comapnion

Most of the others will not work.