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Gameplay Football

Football game, discontinued

In short, this game has pretty good potential gameplay-wise, but has architectural problems regarding the code. I would advise you not to continue development, but rather use the source as inspiration for your own game. There's some pretty useful excerpts of code in there that may help you develop your sportsball game! Another thing, this game uses my own multithreaded game engine (Blunted2), and no matter how cool that may sound, using a badly tested and undocumented engine just slows down development. Besides, a football game doesn't need to be that multithreaded, it just needlessly complicates things.

  • I don't offer support for this, so enjoy it but leave me alone ;)
  • Project dir .tar.gz including images, models and such is located at
  • This game uses my game engine Blunted2, which you can find here
  • Compiling can be a beeyatch, regarding includes/libs and such. I'm always having trouble with that too (as you can see from my messy Makefiles), so you're on your own here, just fiddle around until it works :P EDIT, thanks to Farrer, there's now a set of CMAKE files to help you with compilation!
  • You can download the public beta binary from my website @

I may add some in-depth explanations about various interesting pieces of code in this project later on, in this very readme. Enjoy!


Consider a donation to my Bitcoin address 1JHnTe2QQj8RL281fXFiyvK9igj2VhPh2t

Thank you :)

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