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Setup and manage GUNBOT x3 on Linux.
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Setup and manage GUNBOT 3.3 on Linux.

If you want to setup a brand new Debian or Ubuntu VPS to run GUNBOT, just log into your new VPS as root and run this install script:

curl -qsL | bash -- && exec bash

After the setup run:


That script will

  • update the system (apt upgrade),
  • install node 6.x,
  • install required tools (yo, pm2, unzip),
  • install the GUNBOT 3.3,
  • creates some handy aliases,
  • install this generator-gunbot

If you want to create a VPS at DigitalOcean, you can use this affiliate link: get $10 credit at DigitalOcean


The installer also sets up some aliases to do more with less. :)

  • gcd: Go to the folder GUNBOT is installed
  • gadd: Use the generator to add a new pair (*)
  • gl: Get a list of all running GUNBOTs
  • glog [botname or number]: Shows the log of the selected bot (use gl to get name)
  • gstop [botname or number]: Stops a running bot (use gl to get name)
  • gstart [botname or number]: Starts a stopped bot (use gl to get name)

(*)For now gadd will use the same settings as defined in the first run of the generator. A next version will allow you to set specific strategies for new trade pairs.


To update follow these steps:

  1. Login to your server.
  2. Run this update script
curl -qsL | bash --
  1. Run ginit again to start all bots with delay
  1. Press ENTER for every question (it will use your last settings)
  2. [optional] Press ENTER on the conflict of ALLPAIRS (*)
  3. Wait till all bots are started.
  4. [optional] If you have changed some configs manually, please copy them from the backup folder back into the gunbot folder:
cp /opt/gunbot-backup-<NUMBER>/poloniex-BTC_XXX-config.js /opt/gunbot/

(*) The conflict could happen if you hav an older version of the generator, because the default settings have changed a bit. In that case it is very likely you see this question. Just press ENTER:

conflict ALLPAIRS-params.js
? Overwrite ALLPAIRS-params.js? (Ynaxdh)

If you just want to use the generator on any OS with installed GUNBOT 3.3 Core Edition, read on.


First, install Yeoman, pm2 and generator-gunbot using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g pm2
npm install -g generator-gunbot


To init GUNBOT:

cd /path/to/gunbot
yo gunbot init

To add a new currency to GUNBOT:

yo gunbot add


This initial version of the generator-gunbot has some limitations:

  • Only GUNBOT 3.3 support
  • Only Poloniex support
  • Only BTC to XXX support


MIT © BeerK0in

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