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On the 2nd of July 1776, the Second Continental Congress, while still meeting in Philadelphia, voted unanimously to declare the Independence "of the Thirteen United States of America." Two days later, on July 4, Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Without Benjamin Franklin rallying for the support of an Independent America, things might not have turned out the way they did.

Honor the Great Man Himself for his Achievements & Contributions !



◆ Scrypt Proof-of-Work Algorithm

◆ 1 Minute Block Time Target

◆ 6 Block Difficulty Adjustment (200% Max)

◆ 100 BENJI per Block

◆ Reward Halves every 177,602 Blocks or 123 Days

◆ 35,520,400 Total Coins

◆ Mined Blocks require 24 Confirmations

◆ Transactions require 6 Confirmations

◆ 6MB Blocksize Hard Limit

Faster Than The Colonial Era !

Genesis Block Message: Continental Congress decides to declare independence to America in 1776