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SMART Minimizing Autoing Resource Thing --- A tool to run the RuneScape Client in a sandbox
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SMART was created by BenLand100 a very long time ago. It is currently hosted
on github at and is mostly used by the
SRL community at where it is a key component in their 
attempts to cheat at RuneScape. SMART (v5.0+) is released under the GPLv3 and 
has netted over 10 million launches over the past three years (v6.3+). For 
questions, suggestions, comments, etc., try one of the two links given earlier.

To Build SMART, use the instructions given in the Makefile by running `make`
in the root directory (the directory this file is in). Currently SMART has 
build targets for Linux and Windows and is mostly architecture independent.

SMART comes with some examples of use and various language bindings in the
test-apps folder, use `make test-*` targets in the to build the various apps.
Running `make` will give a list of test targets.

About SMART:
Usage Tracker:

~Benjamin J. Land a.k.a. BenLand100
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