Puppet module to configure php5-fpm via puppet.
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# php5-fpm module #
Author	: Benoit CATTIE <puppet@benoit.cattie.net>, Lars Fronius <lars@jimdo.com>
Version	: 0.2
Licence	: GPLv3

Fully puppet-lint compliant  module for configuring php5-fpm via puppet.

## Intro ##

This module installs php5-fpm from packages. 

php5-fpm is not yet packaged in standart distrib repositories. 
Tested yet with dotdeb packages (xml conf).
Overwrites default conf with one than only include /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/*.conf.

Configuration is made by 'php5-fpm::config' definition.

See below for details.

## Class: php5-fpm ##

This class manage php5-fpm installation and configuration. 
Config file 'php-fpm.conf' is very minimal : only include /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/*.conf
Use php5-fpm::config for configuring php5-fpm 

	- php-fpm.conf.erb

## Define : php5-fpm::config ##

Define a php-fpm config snippet. Places all config snippets into
/etc/php5/fpm/pool.d, where they will be automatically loaded

Parameters :
	* ensure: typically set to "present" or "absent".  Defaults to "present"
	* content: set the content of the config snipppet.  Defaults to 'template("php5-fpm/pool.d/$name.conf.erb")'
	* order: specifies the load order for this config snippet.  Defaults to "500"

Sample Usage:
 	php5-fpm::config{ "global":
		ensure	=> present,
		order	=> "000",
	php5-fpm::config{ "www-example-pool":
		ensure	=> present,
		content	=> template("php5-fpm/www-pool.conf.erb"),