Material design components written with React.js and React Style
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Stories in Ready React Material Design Components

Material design components written with React.js and React Style.

Thanks to the Polymer team for providing a base set of elements that I could re-implement.

Contributions are very welcome!

Definitely not production ready for now!


A good starting point for web apps styled with material design, but also to experiment with React Style and see what works and what doesn't.


Current issues

  • Need to implement a base set of components
  • Properly implement the "theming" of the components
  • Create a set of superb animations
  • Should work in IE8 whereby the functionality should not be broken. IE in general needs some extra work, but so far the results have been promising. Also, for IE8 we need to generate PNG's from the SVG's.
  • Properly handle mobile interfaces with proper touch support
  • Write browser tests (esp. visual ones to check for regressions)
  • De-fugly-fy code
  • Use Google Closure Compiler Advanced Mode for bragging rights


If there are others let us know.