PKSM 4.0.3 - Avoid other troubles

@BernardoGiordano BernardoGiordano released this Jan 12, 2017 · 667 commits to master since this release

Temporarily disabled party editing. At least I'll not get flooded with answers that has been answered tons of times.

Also, make sure you actually read 4.0.2 changelog.

  • Added: Wireless injection! You can now inject .pk6/.pk7 files from your pc, that will be accepted by a server running in PKSM. You can choose between 2 different clients on your PC, depending on your setup.
  • Server supports queue. I managed to inject the Whole living dex in one shot. Speed often is very high, but sometimes you'll have to wait a couple seconds between 10 injections or so.
  • Added: Egg RNG seed. You can see it by tapping the bottom bar in the viewer.
  • Fixed: Gen6 database being fucked up.
  • Fixed: Now give save's gender when giving your information to a Pokemon through the information button (the purple one).

You can find servepkx in the attached here. PKSV build with RNG seed is also bundled.

servepkx in action


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