A small tool to create a cv out of database entries in html and pdf
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Tool to create a pdf out of yaml descriptions. Generates a HTML out of yaml file using Jinja2 and then writes out a pdf of this. I use this to create my cv.


  • Easy to layout using plain HTML & CSS. No need to mess with Word, Latex or anything like that
  • Simple to update content, just maintain a flat YAML file
  • YAML is human reader friendly


  1. Clone rep
  2. Rename templates/entries.sample.yaml to templates/entries.yaml, templates/settings.sample.yaml to templates/settings.yaml and templates/cv.sample.html to templates/cv.html.
  3. Install requirements (using virtualenv)
  4. cd pycvmaker/pycvmaker and run script via python run.py The pdf will be created under the out folder.


In templates/settings.yaml are following settings configurable:

Setting Default Explanation
cv_template cv.html The html template
output_folder out The folder of the pdf output
file_name cv-%Y.%m The file name pattern, allowing dateformat variables

How it works

It parses a YAML file (templates/entries.yaml) which are then available in the Jinja template as entries. Have a look at templates/cv.html to see how they are used.