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A completely new version of BukkitGUI , which is easier in use, faster, and more powerful
C# Visual Basic .NET
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This project has been abandoned. Pull requests will be reviewed and accepted, but no active development is happening anymore.

bukkitgui 2

The original bukkit GUI project - shortened BukkitGUI - was intended to provide minecraft server owners with a easy to use, powerful GUI. BukkitGui2 continues with the same mindset, but with higher performance and better code.


  • Coloured output, colours definable in settings
  • Detailed player list with context menu, quickly apply an action to a player
  • Advanced options to launch bukkit, update bukkit, auto update check for bukkit
  • Automate your server with the task manager
  • Highly precise memory and CPU measurement
  • Low on resources, performance can be adjusted in settings
  • Error logging, searching for the cause of errors, and if possible, solving of errors
  • Tray icon (with support to minimize to tray) and balloon tips
  • Sound when something happen can be activated
  • Rarely/Never breaks on Minecraft/bukkit update
  • Backups (multiple backup definitions possible)
  • Install, update, manage plugins from within the GUI
  • port forwarding


Please see the project page at for information, including video tutorials, on how to set-up and use this software.

Remote Server Support

The GUI can also show output and send commands to remote servers. The recommended way to use a remote server is by using JSONAPI. In order for this to work, the JSONAPI plugin should be installed on your server.

If you want to start RemoteToolkit using the GUI, do the following: -Set the server type to bukkit -Select the remote toolkit jar file -Enter the following custom switch: "user:pass" without the ""


Recommended builds can be downloaded from Bukkitdev. If enabled, the GUI will check for updates and download those from bukkitdev after you agreed with the download.


  • Portforwarding (work in progress)

Known Issues

Sometimes tasks run twice


operating systems

Windows XP and higher. If it doesn't work, make shure if you have .net framework 4. Linux and Mac aren't supported.

minecraft servers

The following minecraft servers are supported:

  • Bukkit build 800 and higher (lower isn't tested)
  • RemoteToolKit
  • Vanilla
  • Tekkit
  • MCPC (set server type to vanilla,generic java, or to bukkit with disabled "retrieve current version on server start")
  • CraftBukkit
  • Spigot
  • Spout
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