Gathers public information on companies to highlight social engineering risk.
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Social Engineering Vulnerability Scanner

This tool makes use of public web and social information to identify potential social engineering weaknesses visible from an organisation's web presence.


  • Python dependencies are in requirements.txt
  • API Keys are required to run various modules of the tool. See the CREDENTIALS file for information on gathering these.
  • The web-mining portion of the tool relies on the Stanford NER tool, which is available from here. This needs to be launched as a server, separately to the tool itself. The NER tool requires a modern Java runtime. Once downloaded and unpacked, the command in should launch the tool with the expected configuration.


Launch the tool as

python --gk [googlekeyfile] --fk [facebookkeyfile] --tk [twitterkeyfile] --lk [linkedinkeyfile] run_name target_url

Where 'run_name' is a label which will be used for this launch and its results, and 'target_url' is the website homepage of the targeted organisation.

Data collection could take significant amounts of time, so a stable connection is advised.