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Nov 27, 2018
Nov 21, 2018

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Membership Inference Attacks

Python package to create adversarial agents for membership inference attacks against machine learning models using Scikit-learn learners.

Implementation of the work done by Shokri et al (paper)


Find some examples in notebooks/

The main classes and functions are:

Data Synthetiser

To synthesize data only using a black-box like model target_model and predictions using the algorithm proposed by Shokri et al

from mblearn import synthetize

x = synthesize(target_model, fixed_class, k_max)

Shadow models

Train $n$ shadow models on synthetic data with a given learner. The learner must be a scikit-learn estimator with the predict_proba method.

from mblearn import ShadowModels

shadows = ShadowModels(n_models, data, target_classes, learner)

shadow_data = shadows.results

Attacker models

Using the data generated with the shadow models, trains a attack models on each label of the shadow dataset.

from mblearn import AttackModels

attacker = AttackModels(target_classes, attack_learner)

# train the attacker with the shadow data

# query the target model and get the predicted class prob vector
X = target_model.predict_proba(test_data)

# especulate about the class this test_data belongs to
y = 0

# get the prediction:
# True if `test_data` is classified as a member of
# the private model training set for the given class
# False otherwise
attacker.predict(X, y)


R. Shokri, M. Stronati, and V. Shmatikov. Membership inference attacks against machine learning models. Security and Privacy (SP), 2017 IEEE Symposium , IEEE, 2017.

Y. Long, V. Bindschaedler, L Wang, D. Bu, et al. Understanding Membership Inferences on Well-Generalized Learning Models. arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.04889, 2018.

S. Truex, L. Liu, M. E. Gursoy, L. Yu, W. Wei. Towards Demystifying Membership Inference Attacks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1807.09173, 2018.


The maturity of the package is far from alpha. This is just a proof of concept and all the interface and inner wheels will change in the next few months.


Python package to create adversarial agents for membership inference attacks againts machine learning models




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