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Please note the executable and required DLLs are located in the '' file at the source root folder.

Here's a handy shortcut to the 1.1b2 download!

Project Description SRecordizer is a quick and simple S19 (Motorola S-Record) file editor created to fill the void.


  • Open, edit and save directly in the S19 file format
  • Error check your S19 file
  • Automatic checksum calculation
  • Easy navigation in large files
  • ASCII view

This was created as hand-editing S19 files is a common task nowadays and there is no dedicated editor freely available. SRecordizer is lightweight and will get the job done. Just unzip and you're ready to go!

Other features will be implemented in future releases. We're also taking requests if you have a feature you would like to see included.

Should you find a bug, please list in the issue tracker and we'll get a fix out as soon as we can.

This project was written in C#.NET and therefore you'll need the .NET Framework v4.0 installed...

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