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Simple yet powerful rich note taking android application, with a lot of flexibilty of usage
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Material Notes / Scarlet / Scarlet Pro on Android

This is the code which powers the Material Notes / Scarlet Notes app on Android by Maubis Apps.

Material Notes is the fully offline FDroid version of the applications Scarlet / Scarlet Notes is the note apps available on the Play Store

This app is meant for a simple yet powerful rich text experience. It's still being built and improved.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play Try it on Scarlet Web

Highlights of the application features

  • Fully Offline: The application doesnot store anything online, no logs, etc.
  • Choice of Grid / List layouts
  • Rich Note Input: Add rich notes - lists, headings, quotes and more.
  • Markdown Support: The text elements have markdown support
  • Simple UX: Simplistic and straight forward UI.
  • Archived, Favourites, and more
  • Set color to your notes
  • Night Mode: view notes in night mode, for your eyes and screens
  • Lock Notes: lock the notes with a pincode
  • Ad Free: Now and always ad-free.
  • Note-ifications: Notes can be kept in the notifications list of your phone.
  • Floating Heads: Quickly take notes while doing other stuff.

Google Play Store Beta Program

The app is improving fast. As we grow, a lot of new features will not be realeased publically till it's tested on alpha/beta channels. If you would like to get the new features faster, join the beta program here:

Survey Link

If you have used the app, here is a survey which helps me understand how to make the app better.

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