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BiliBili Stream Recorder B站录播姬

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简体中文 README | Simplified Chinese

GitHub is a global platform, and theoretically, everyone should use English. But since this project is mostly meant for Chinese user and rely on a Chinese website BiliBili (wikipedia), all code comments are in Chinese. This README file will always use English so people like you can understand what is this, and perhaps make some use out of it.

Software UI is available in

  • 简体中文 (Source and default)
  • 繁体中文
  • 日本語
  • English

Install & Use

See (in Chinese)


  • Easy to use
  • Start recording automatically when stream starts
  • Record multiple stream at same time
  • Fix broken recording caused by broken bilibili stream server
  • Toolbox mode to fix broken bilibili stream recording recorded by other software*
  • Pure C#, no native dependency like ffmpeg
  • Open source!

*Only unprocessed flv file downloaded directly from stream servers can be fixed. If the file is downloaded or processed by FFmpeg it no longer can be fixed, FFmpeg will fvck up the already broken recording even further.

Develop & Build

Visual Studio 2019 with .NET 5 is recommended, though any other IDE should work too.

Project Target Note
BililiveRecorder.WPF .NET Framework 4.7.2 Windows only GUI
BililiveRecorder.Cli .NET 5 Cross-platform
BililiveRecorder.ToolBox .NET Standard 2.0 library used by WPF & Cli
BililiveRecorder.Core .NET Standard 2.0 Main recording logic
BililiveRecorder.Flv .NET Standard 2.0 Data processing logic


This project does not follow semantic versioning, no source code compatibility is guaranteed between any version.

Reference & Acknowledgements